When creating a Project, you must specify its Type. A Type represents a specific use case and it determines what set of tools will be used throughout that Project. A good example is Object Detection – if this Type is selected, users will have access to the tools for generating and previewing images, as well as intuitive annotation tools, all within Coretex UI.

Different Types will have different Task Templates available and different data types will be used for Datasets within that Type (i.e. IMU Event Detection Type allows creation of Datasets containing IMU data while Object Detection Type allows creation of Datasets containing only images).

Templates are pre-defined Task files provided by Coretex in order to simplify the initial task setup and speed up onboarding.

The list of currently supported types is available below.

Computer Vision

Train ML models for object detection on images

Motion Classification

Use IMU data to train classifiers for any motion


Run tasks for Microbiome analysis and DNA forensics


Any custom task code which doesn't fit into any of the supported Types

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