You as a user belong to a specific Organization. You can think of this as a company, team, department, institution or any other organizational entity your account belongs to.

This module promotes centralization of user management and enables transparent monitoring of storage and compute resources for administrators.

Organization administrator

The account used to register an organization is by default an Organization administrator account. As such, this user has access to an additional menu item on the left side bar to help them manage various aspects of their organization. Administrator can monitor useful information such as storage space distribution across all the spaces in their organization, add and remove users, track activity through time and be aware of each action taken by the users within the organization.

Collaboration & Sharing

Collaboration between platform users in Coretex.ai is achieved with the concept of Projects. Since all the Coretex modules are nested inside of a single Project, the visibility of the Project reflects the visibility of the nested modules. By changing the visibility of the Project, you are sharing not just the Project, but everything contained inside that Project.

When creating a Project you can choose to make it private, public or shared (with certain users). These settings can also be changed after the Project has been created.

If you have chosen to make your Project public, you have enabled other Organization members to access your Datasets, Runs, and Models.

A Project can also be shared with specific members of your Organization.

In a shared Project, Members will be able to duplicate your Datasets in their Project and continue to use them however they want. However, your Datasets cannot be edited or deleted by anyone except you.

Project storage is calculated based on everything that the Project contains. For example, if a Member adds datasets or jobs to your Project, the storage of your Project will be affected.

VisibilityWho can access your project content?


Everyone in organization


Just you


Members you choose

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